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Poo Putty Tub Joke Novelty Gift Toy Party Bag Fillers Kids GAG Funny Prank

Poo Putty Tub Joke Novelty Gift Toy Party Bag Fillers Kids GAG Funny Prank

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Brown and Slimy Poo Putty

Brace yourselves for the most hilarious, squishy, and downright delightful droppings ever! This Poo Putty is the ultimate gag gift, stress reliever, and magical slime experience all rolled into one stinky package. Perfect for any prankster's collection!

Here’s why our Poo Putty is the sh*ts:

  • Fabulous Functions: Mold it, shape it, stretch it, bounce it, or just watch it melt in your hands! It’s the poo that keeps on giving.
  • Authentic Experience: It’s brown and looks like it came straight from the source – but don’t worry, it’s clean and non-toxic!
  • Perfect for Pranks: Slip it into a stocking, sneak it into a party bag, or give it to that friend who just can’t get enough of poop emojis.

NON-TOXIC AND SAFE - Watch the kids’ faces light up with giggles as they squish and stretch this fluffy poo putty. Suitable for children 3+ (with adult supervision), our slime meets all EU/UK Toy Safety standards and is CE and UKCA certified.

Majestic Magical Poo - This 3” turd is squishy, slimy, and simply fantastic. Packed in a handy plastic tub with a detachable lid to prevent spills, it’s the ultimate stress reliever for both the young and young-at-heart.

Great for Stress Relief - Feeling stressed? Give this poo a squeeze! It breaks apart and reconnects just like a stress ball, offering a soothing relief effect. Perfect for little pranksters and slightly naughty gags, and unlike the real deal, it’s safe, non-toxic, and won’t dry out!

Surprise Them - Got a slime and prank enthusiast in your life? Make their day with this hysterical gift. Perfect for birthdays, parties, or just because. With a handy container to keep it fresh, this poo is always ready for action. Tub Size: 7cm / 2.8” x 2cm / 0.8” approx.

Fun Trick Suggestions:

  1. The Classic Switcheroo: Sneak a bit of Poo Putty onto a friend’s chair and watch their reaction when they “sit” on it!
  2. Poo-llarious Present: Wrap it up in a fancy box and give it to someone who expects a serious gift – watch their surprise!
  3. The Melted Mess: Place it somewhere visible and let it slowly melt, making everyone wonder what happened!

Get your hands on the Poo Putty today and let the laughter (and the pranks) begin!

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