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Stink Bombs Pack of 3

Stink Bombs Pack of 3

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Unleash a riot of laughter (and a bit of chaos) with our Prankster Stink Bombs! Perfect for the trickster at heart, these gag gifts come in a mini box of three, each measuring a compact 3.6 x 1.6 x 5.4 cm, ready to create an uproar at your next gathering.

Whether you're plotting a hilarious office prank, planning a surprise for your next party, or simply looking to add a bit of mischief to your day, these stink bombs are guaranteed to leave an impression. Just imagine the bewildered looks on your friends' faces as they try to locate the source of the mysterious odor!

Fun Ideas for Using Prankster Stink Bombs:

  1. The Classic Classroom Caper: Sneak one into the classroom before the lesson begins and watch the confusion unfold.
  2. Office Shenanigans: Hide one under a colleague's desk for an unexpected workday surprise.
  3. Party Puzzler: Kick your party entertainment up a notch by setting one off and watching your guests' hilarious reactions.
  4. Family Fun Night: Add a twist to your next family gathering and see who has the best sense of humor (or smell).
  5. Sleepover Silliness: Make your next sleepover unforgettable with a stink bomb prank that will have everyone laughing (and maybe opening a window).

Ideal for anyone who loves a good laugh and isn't afraid of a little smell, these Prankster Stink Bombs are the ultimate novelty gag gift. Just remember, with great stinking power comes great responsibility. Use wisely (and sparingly) for maximum fun and minimal fallout!

Phew, What A Whiff. Creates An Evil Smell That Soon Disappears. Keep away from children and skin Full instruction included

Keep away from children and skin

Full instruction included

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